Aplikasi Android Pertamaku

July 17, 2013 Sumbangsih Ku | Comments (0) dj @ 1:10 pm

Numpang promo ah.. :mrgreen:
Kemaren abis upload aplikasi ke google play.
Judul aplikasinya “Jadwal sholat”
Linknya ini https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dj.jadwalsholat

Ayo pada cobain yah.. :banana:
Apalagi sekarang bulan ramadhan


is it my fate? no, i’ll find my own fate!

June 13, 2008 Sumbangsih Ku | Comments (2) dj @ 9:58 pm



No one know about future..
No one know about fate..
No one know about ending..

Yup, that’s why life is so complex.
We dont know what should we do exactly.
We can find ton of predictions, but which one will become true?
No one know..

Open your eyes..
Never give up..
Do what shuold we do..
for Better Future..




Linkin Park – Stop The Stupid War!

June 13, 2007 Sumbangsih Ku | Comments (1) dj @ 11:14 am

Linkin Park - Title
I like it so much…. ‘Minutes to Midnight‘ ^_^

1. What I’ve Done (Click here to get the lyrics)
2. No More Sorrow (Click here to get the lyrics)

Yeah, they’re my favorite songs!!!

If you want listen ‘What I’ve Done‘, dont forget to set ‘bass:treble’ at least in ’65:100′ (interval 1-100). It’s cool IMO. No Bass No Rock! In my friend laptop (no bass) this song is sux :mrgreen: .

The lyrics make me sad.. 🙁 When i saw their music video…. Owww…. :cry2: (i dont know what should i tell you….). Stop the f**kin’ war!

Here, some screenshoots of What I’ve Done:
(all the pics least than 31Kb and the overall is only about 200-250kb, so should be load faster in your browser)

1. Beginning
Linkin Park - Beginning

2. Bom boom bbboooooooommmmm…..
Linkin Park - BooM