Sumbangsih ku? Huh? what is that??

May 18, 2007 Sumbangsih Ku | Comments (0) dj @ 8:10 am

In english ‘Sumbangsih ku’ is my Contribution.

You can see ‘Sumbangsih ku’ menu in the sidebar. I’ll write all english articles in there. You can check it periodically, i write at least twice in a month. 🙂

q: What can i be found in there?
a: Everything about computer: tips, software themes, tools, etc.

q: Why do you write ‘Sumbangsih ku’ in english?
a: I know my english isn’t good enough, but I want share something to every buddies in the world. 🙂

q: May i send article(s) to ‘Sumbangsih ku’ and/or other topics?
a: yes, you may.. I’ll be waiting for your hand bud..



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